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The parts pictured on these pages are a small sample of the products we manufacture for the following industries:

Automotive, Bicycle, Computer, Cryogenic, Electronic, Fiberoptic, Fitness Equipment, Food Service, Instrumentation, Medical, Motorcycle, Musical Instrument, Optical, Ozone Generation, Plumbing, Printing, RC Modeling, Semiconductor, Tire & Rubber, Water Purification, Wine-Making

Welcome to elco-machine.com

For over 35 years, Elco Machine Co. in San Luis Obispo, California has been providing quality turned products and machining services to a variety of industries. We continue to meet the changing needs of our customers by combining proven screw machine efficiency with the latest CNC technology.

Elco Machine specializes in the production of precision turned parts, yet we are also well equipped to perform secondary operations, modifications to existing parts, and general machining on a production or short-run basis.

We can take you from concept to production while providing technical assistance to improve quality and decrease cost.

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