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Selection of Parts Produced by Elco Machine Company

 What We Do 

Cryogenic Fitting in 304 Stainless Steel
Collared 1-1/4" Brass Lock Nut
Precision Brass Adapter
CNC Turning
Some of Elco's Lathe Parts in various materials

Revolution Geometries - Round Parts 

CNC Turning is a machining process that uses computer controlled single-point cutting tools to remove material from the rotating workpiece.

Elco Machine has a long history of turning, from yesterday's manual lathes and automatic screw machines to today's CNC turning centers.

We have decades of experience turning cylindrical parts from round, hex, or square bars with external and internal features such as grooves, tapers, knurls, barbs, bores, broaches, and threads. 

When requested, we can help you optimize your design for the most functionally cost-effective process possible. 

CNC Milling
A selection of Elco's Mill Parts

Prismatic Geometries - Flat Parts

CNC Milling is a machining process which employs computerized controls and rotating multi-point cutting tools to progressively remove material from the workpiece to produce a three dimensional part to your specifications.

We have 4-axis capabilities for more complex parts, and through-spindle coolant to improve finishes and facilitate deep hole drilling. CNC Milling is also used to add milled features to lathe parts.

The experience we have gained over the years, coupled with our attention to detail, results in milled parts that precisely meet your needs for both quality and function.

Acme Threaded Actuator and Nut Plate
Fourth Axis Work on a Precise Optics Commutator
Bridge Base for Inkjet Line Printer
Other Processes
Pinion Gear for Satellite Antenna Positioning
Spring Plunger Assembly for Medical Device
Oiler Assembly with retaining wire and leather gasket


We can provide you with fully assembled components.

Trim, Add Hole and Grommet to Dental UV Sheild
Add Features into Electronic Potting Enclosures


Do you have a ready-made component that is not precisely what you need? We can modify off-the-shelf components to your exact needs by adding holes, grooves, flats, cutouts or other features.

Drill Through Head and Add Spring Pin to Stripper Bolt
Milling Features Into Aluminum Discharge Tube
Anodized Parts


We work with several approved and trusted vendors to provide the following processes:

  • Anodize

  • Black Oxide

  • Cadmium Plate

  • Chem Film

  • Gold Plate

  • Manganese Phosphate

  • Nickle Plate

  • Passivate

  • Zinc Plate

  • Others on request

Anodized Insert on Captive Screw, Nickel Plated Piston, Gold Plated Terminal, Chrome Plated Insert
Face-knurled SS Nut Insert for Carbon Fiber Layup
Manganese Phosphate Coated Barrel Nut
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